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a Dynasty for more than a Century

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Gerard Haligon with Sylvie, his wife, is at the head of his handcraft company of sculpture reproduction since 1994. Repository of traditional methods, he keeps the thread of tradition that connects generations and offers contemporary artists the means to achieve their sculptural project, for all to enjoy.

Louis Haligon dans son atelier

Louis Haligon Enlarger

Born in 1862, he made good general studies, took drawing classes in Montparnasse and  was rewarded with many medals. Louis began his career as a sculptor and then started the reproduction of sculpture for his colleagues using the pantograph newly developed by 2 engineers Sauvage and Colas.
This is the start of the Haligon dynasty.
During his career he worked with Sculptors like Bartholdi, Carrier-Beleuse, Rodin, ... He also worked with several American artists coming to Paris looking for the expertise of French Artisans (Davidson, Haseltine,...)

Victor et Georgette Haligon derrière un pantographe

Victor & Georgette Haligon

Son of Louis Haligon and heir of his knowledge, Victor served his apprenticeship with his father. Returning from the 1st World War, in 1919, he started working for his own. He will modernize and improve the pantograph ergonomics to the purpose of sculpture reproduction. He will be one that develop enlargement in clay, achieving to realize a complete sculpture in this material – much sought-after technique at that time.
Victor was awarded the Academic Palms.
He married Georgette Rouvres in 1920, he met her when he worked at his father's studio. Georgette was the daughter of the mechanic technician who maintained Louis Haligon’ pantographs.
They worked a lot for Antoine Bourdelle, and also with Arno Breker, Robert Couturier, Drivier, Janiot, Louis Leygue, Maillol, Sandoz, Saupique, Yencesse…

Victor   Georgette

Robert et Arlette Haligon - Sculpture reproducer

At 16, after the death of his father Victor in 1948, Robert will take over with Georgette, who will keep on with her son until 1955. In 1954, his wife Arlette joined in the studio of Paris (rue du Moulin de Beurre) which will also be their home until 1969. This is where Oliver and Gerard spent their childhood, surrounded by sculptures and their implementation.
Expropriated from Paris, Robert and Arlette will build their workshop 25km away in Périgny sur Yerres.
Guardian of the expertise of two generations, Robert will evolve into materials and techniques of his time. Thus in the 60's, Robert & Arlette will have to anticipate and overcome the deep upheaval of the composite materials appearance: polystyrene for enlargements, silicons for moulding, polyester resin, epoxy and polyurethane paint. Then they became "sculpture reproducer" in addition to being enlarger.

After the award of the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” Medal in 1968, Robert Haligon is named Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Merite. Robert and Arlette were finally distinguished by the title of the Grand Prix National des Métiers d’Art (Master of Art) in 1991.
They worked with: Arman, Arp, M. Boileau, F. Botero, Arno Breker, César, Chassepot, W. Chattaway, R. Couturier, Delphino, J. Dubuffet, D. Giacometti, J. F. Lalanne, Laurens, L. Leygue, R. Mason, J. Miro, G. Richier, Niki de Saint Phalle, G. Saupique, H. Yencesse, O. Zadkine ... ..

Olivier Haligon - Sculpture reproducer

Eldest child, born in 1956, Olivier chose to follow the path of his parents despite the possibility of a career as a computer engineer. He took over the activity managed by Arlette Haligon in a workshop located in Brie Comte Robert. As the studio is designed for, Olivier will specialize in the implementation of monumental sculptures. He worked among others with R. Mason, JP Raynaud, Hervé Di Rosa, and makes monumental installations (J. Dubuffet in Houston, Archimboldo inside Parc Asterix, etc.). At the end of 90’s, Olivier moved to Miami in the U.S.A. (Florida). Now fully integrated in his new environment, he continues to spread the French know-how overseas. In 2010 Olivier has received the title of "Chevalier des Arts et Lettres" from the hands of the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of France.

Gérard et Sylvie - Maître Artisan en Métier d'Art

Gérard et Sylvie Haligon - Sculpture Reproducer

Born in 1961, Gerard began his apprenticeship in the studio from an early age and get into definitely in 1981 at the age of 20 after a CAP of pastry. In 1994, he took over his parents’workshop in Périgny with the help of his wife Sylvie. In 1996, together they moved to a new and larger workshop, more functional for the achievement of monumental works.
Gerard works in the respect of tradition and the family skills. Always close to the artists, he often collaborate in their creative projects and sometimes even during the elaboration, especially for the technical part.
Practitioner of his craft from an early age, he spent most of his time in the studi than at the office! The office is also the stronghold of Sylvie who manages at the same time customers, workers, accounting and secretarial work. As Victor- Georgette and Robert-Arlette, Gerard and Sylvie are a couple of Artisans and one would be nothing without the other .....
In 2010, they were awarded the coveted title of Master Artisan of Art given by the Chamber of Trades. It requires to have a particular expertise in the Arts and Crafts - and to work for the transmission of that knowledge to keep alive a traditional craft.
Since the time of his parents and most of the old loyal customers – César, Chassepot, William Chattaway, Robert Couturier, Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean-Pierre Raynaud ...- some became friends, young sculptors also trust Gerard professionalism to reproduce their Works: Michèle Chast, Robert Combas, Buddy Di Rosa, Jonone, Pierre-Marie Lejeune, Federica Matta, Speedy Graphito ....

Gérard jeune réalisant un moulage

Marie Haligon - painter

Born in 1969, Mary is a painter-sculpture reproducer since the age of 16 years, first with her father Robert then with  her brother Gerard. Specialist in the reproduction of a "graphic" hand painting, she participated in the creation of a large number of editions and monumental Artworks of Niki de Saint Phalle. Having worked on several occasions in close collaboration with Niki in her house in Soisy, she knows perfectly how to reproduce the spirit and the technical work of the Artist.
Of course, she can also reproduce the painting style and "draws" of other Artists who work with Gerard, such as Combas, Federica Matta, Pascale Fournier, etc..

Agnès Le Lay - technical & administrative support

Born in 1970, Agnes worked in the studio on moulds for one year after the graduation. It was the needed amount of time to prepare her integration into the famous Susse Foundry (bronze sculpture and Art castings) near Paris. At 25 she became the commercial and administrative director of the foundry and married shortly after the “patineur” (patina on bronze) of the Susse Fondeur, Pascal Le Lay. Since 2005 she is working with her brother Gerard in technical and administrative support.